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Class Action

Class Action lawsuits provide a method for enabling an individual to join with other similarly situated individuals in seeking the recovery of damages caused by the wrongful conduct of a Defendant. The benefit of such an approach is that it allows the court system to efficiently address the claims of numerous claimants in one proceeding. In addition, a class action often allows several individuals who separately would lack the necessary resources to bring an action against a well financed adversary the opportunity to collectively form a powerful group and present a stronger legal challenge to the wrongful conduct exhibited by a Defendant. Class actions can result in meaningful social change which is beneficial to not only the class but also to the public at large.

Class action can be brought in a number of different contexts, including efforts to address flaws in the taxation of individuals and businesses by government. Attorney Jameson Wells is experienced in class action litigation having served as class representative for nearly 2,500 building contractors in a class action suit challenging the constitutionality of a locally administered privilege tax. As a result, approximately $2.6 million dollars was refunded to the class.

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