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Estate Planning

Planning Your Estate

Wills - Trusts - Estate Planning

Most individuals need to engage in estate planning to not only provide for an orderly transfer of wealth and minimize tax implications but also to insure that one’s estate plan properly provides for loved ones. At Jameson P. Wells, P.A. we can assist clients in determining the best approach to achieve these objectives. Our services encompass not only Wills and Trusts, but all facets of estate planning. Among other types of documents, we can assist in preparing:

  • Wills, through which you can designate heirs, create trusts (for spouses and/or children, for example), and create a tax-minimization plan.
  • Living wills and health care power of attorney, which can provide instructions regarding your healthcare in the event that you become incapacitated.
  • Powers of attorney and durable powers of attorney, by which you designate an agent to act on your behalf regarding financial decisions and other matters.
  • Trusts, including inter vivos trusts, minors' trusts and life insurance trusts (ILITs). Trusts can allow others to hold your property temporarily or permanently, provide income to a minor or special-needs individual, help your estate avoid the probate process, and keep life insurance proceeds separate from an estate.
  • Basic tax planning, including credit shelter trusts and help with gift taxes and estate taxes. Especially for those whose assets and income are above an ever-changing threshold, basic tax planning can limit or possibly even eliminate the effects of taxation upon death.

To understand your situation fully and consider implementing an estate plan, contact our firm to arrange for a consultation. We are conveniently located in Historic Dilworth in the South End, near the intersection of South Boulevard and East Boulevard, within walking distance of the CATS bus lines and the light rail service.


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