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NonProfit Law

    At Jameson P. Wells, P.A. we have developed expertise in the formation of nonprofit and tax exempt corporations. We initially provide individuals and groups with advice concerning the type and structure of the entity they wish to form depending on the nature of the organization they desire. Thereafter, we prepare and submit Articles of Incorporation to the North Carolina Secretary of State and conduct the initial directors meeting to complete the proper formation of the new entity. If necessary, depending on whether the new organization is a Section 501(c)3 organization or other type of Section 501(c) organization, we thereafter prepare and submit either a 1023 or 1024 IRS Application to the Internal Revenue Service to apply for tax exempt status in behalf of the newly formed organization. 
At Jameson P. Wells, P.A. we have formed several nonprofit and tax exempt entities and have provided ongoing legal assistance to ensure that both state and federal legal requirements are forfilled so that an organizations tax exempt status is maintained.

    Jameson Wells is recognized as a knowledgeable and experienced attorney in relation to nonprofit law in the Charlotte and surrounding region. He has served as both counsel to various nonprofit entities and as a director on the board of directors of several nonprofit organizations. Athletes United for Youth, WTVI, Friendship Trays, Chantilly Montessori PTO, and Crossroads Charter High School are just some of the nonprofit entities with which Jameson Wells has served in some capacity.
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