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Property Tax Appeals

Charlotte Mecklenburg County Property Tax Appeals

How to Challenge Your Revaluation and Reduce Tax Liability

Following over 40,000 appeals made after the 2011 Mecklenburg County Tax Revaluation, the North Carolina General Assembly ordered that the revaluations of the county’s approximately 356,000 parcels be reviewed. In October of 2013, Pearson Appraisal Company began the process of the reviewing the assessments for all of the residential and commercial parcels located in Mecklenburg County.

As the process moves forward, property owners will receive notices from the county with their property’s valuation. Should the valuation be lower then previously stated, the property owner will be entitled to a refund for excess taxes paid for the years 2011, 2012 & 2013. Should the valuation be higher, the owners will be billed accordingly.

Jameson P. Wells, PA is prepared to assist those residential and commercial property owners that seek to contest or challenge such valuations to reduce future property tax liability. The benefit of reducing a property valuation can result in meaningful savings. For example, the reduction of only $100,000 in assessed value for a property located within the city limits of Charlotte will result in an estimated $10,275.20 in tax savings (based on current tax rates imposed by the City of Charlotte (.4687) and Mecklenburg County (.8157)) over an eight year time frame (which is the general cycle between revaluations).

Jameson P. Wells, PA can file your appeal on a timely basis and forcefully represent and advocate your position to the Tax Assessors Office and the Board of Equalization and Review to provide the best opportunity to reduce an owner's tax liability. The Board of Equalization and Review is the Board entrusted with hearing appeals which are not resolved or settled through communications with the staff in the Tax Assessors Office.


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